Complete PCB
Assembly & Manufacturing
Pick and Place Equipment
Panasonic MVIIF and Suzuki 1000V  are full vision mounter recognizing all components mounts.  The vision includes wide range of components from 1005 chips up to 25mm square components.
Screen Printers
PCB Loader carries up to 400. Full Vision Screen Printer MINAMI MK-8785V.  
Reflow Ovens
Conceptronics HVC series SMT reflow soldering  system incorporate the most advancement in forced convective reflow soldering technology.  
  Orbotech Trion-2000 Automated Optical Inspection.  The Trion-2000 systems inspect complex PCBs fast without compromising on production quality, safely eliminating bottlenecks and providing valuable process control data.  These fully automated systems operate in-line and integrated with highly accurate operation for fast and effective repair cycle.
 Automatic in inline aqueous cleaning systems.
Manual Assembly
  SMT Electronics provides highly train technicians to do manual assembly components that equipments cannot provide.  An experience team of engineers manage the process and quality control.