Complete PCB
Assembly & Manufacturing
   Since our inception, SMT Electronics Manufacturing Incorporated (SMT) has continually surpassed the contract electronics manufacturing needs of OEMs and electronics companies representing a broad range of industries. From start-ups to Fortune 500s, and from prototype to mass production, we are committed to helping our customers benefit from the competitive advantages of outsourcing their electronics manufacturing to our professionals. With many years of manufacturing experience and a prestigious ISO 9002 certification, we have invested our own resources and capital to develop world-class electronics manufacturing facilities and technologies. We have made this investment so that you don't have to. By entrusting your contracting to the proven capabilities of SMT, you can remain focused on your core competencies while better accommodating the rapid changes in technologies and market demands.

    For many years, SMT has been assisting our customers in meeting their critical time-to-market needs, we have succeeded in becoming a leading contract electronics manufacturing service provider. Today, with a global presence, full turnkey solutions and 100% consignment services, SMT is a multi-million dollar corporation with an impeccable reputation among our growing loyal customer base. Our customers have attributed SMT's continued success to our uncompromising commitment to quality, our prompt and attentive customer response, and our unwavering precision implemented even during the most intricate of manufacturing processes. From quick turn to high volume, our priority is to enhance our customers' overall competitive position in the market. To accomplish this priority, we have made significant investments in our extensive production and testing facilities, in our global resources, in the ongoing education of our own personnel, in our foresight into ever-emerging technologies, and in the expanding array of our total solutions.